Episode 6: Part II – Author of the blog Momma Meditates: Stay Calm in the Crazy and Parent Smarter with Julie Schneider, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

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Are you a mom or a dad that is in the throes of parenting?  Do you think maybe there could be a better way of communicating with your kids?  Could you use some strategies to create an environment in your home that is good for the whole family?  Are you questioning how to handle punishments and if time-outs are effective?   Should you make your child apologize by saying “sorry”?  What are your kids teaching you?

Dr. Julie Schneider, clinical psychologist, spent 20 years working in her field.  When she had her children, she decided to stay home and turn her attention to becoming a full-time Mom.  Still filled with the desire to help others, she started a parenting blog, Momma Meditates: Stay Calm in the Crazy and Parent Smarter.  Julie, an avid yogi, strongly believes in the “root to rise” philosophy and incorporates this into her parenting strategies.  In her blog, you will find honest talk, thoughtful advice and inspiring stories from someone who is currently in the same boat as her readers and also happens to have years of experience working with children and adolescents in a professional capacity.  She never claims to be perfect and is doing her best each day to live by her own advice!  

Anyone who is a parent will enjoy our conversation with Julie!

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