Episode 7: Author of “It Can Happen to Any Family: How Drugs Took My Daughter’s Life”; Business Owner; Hair Stylist: Cindy Doucette

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Do you want to be an author? Are you interested in starting a business running a salon offering a variety of services? Then check out this podcast with Cindy Doucette!

In this episode Meg discusses with Cindy her heart breaking experience of losing her daughter, Candice, to a drug over dose just a few months before she was ready to graduate from high school. After the tragedy, Cindy was encouraged to tell her story which resulted in her book: It Can Happen to Any Family: How Drugs Took my Daughter’s Life. We talk about what steps she took to become an author in order to share her story.

In addition to writing a book, and doing many speaking engagements, Cindy also runs a successful salon providing hair services, natural nail manicures and pedicures, facials, professional skin care and spray tanning: Cindy’s Guys & Gals. We also discuss what it takes to run your own business, the advantages and drawbacks, and we talk about the career as a hair stylist.

If you are interested in a career in the beauty industry, or if you are considering starting up your own business, we think you will enjoy this episode as Cindy shares how she runs her successful business and she also gives great tips to aspiring salon owners.

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