Episode 10: Photographer and Owner of Mercy Street Studio: Erin Moore

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Are you interested in becoming a professional photographer?  Is it currently your passion but maybe you would like to make it your full time career?

This week our guest is Erin Moore an award winning portrait photographer from Mercy Street Studio in South Berwick, Maine.  She started her career in Human Resource and has a BA and MA applicable to this field. (BTW, she received those degrees with 2 young children and a baby!).  However, Erin has been taking pictures since her junior year in high school, but never imagined it could become her career.  She was very happy working in HR…so photography was her hobby and she was happy with that balance.

A major life event helped propel her hobby to a career. Find out all about that and many more details of how Erin went from working in HR to becoming a successful full-time photographer and studio owner.  This is a great podcast to listen to if you are making a complete career switch!

Erin is kind, smart, talented, constantly learning and just a lot of fun to chat with.  Even if you have zero interest in photography or whatever career we are chatting about on any particular podcast, it is still so incredibly interesting to get the story of someone’s career path.  Their stories are inspiring and one never knows what they will learn or how it could influence your own path.

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