Episode 13: Executive Producer and Owner of Hackmatack Playhouse: Michael Guptill

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Dreaming of opening up your own theater? Interested in becoming an executive producer? Ambitions of becoming a sales and marketing manager? Want to learn more about the business of buying/selling/marketing produce?  If so, you will not want to miss this podcast!  Even if none of these subjects interest you, we think that you will really enjoy our conversation with Michael Guptill.  His story is fascinating! 

Michael Guptill is the owner/executive producer of Hackmatack Playhouse,  located in Berwick, Maine. In this episode, we ask Michael all the details of running a theater, we talked about his college years at the University of Maine, Orono  and we got into the details of his “real” job as the sales and marketing manager at Gold Bell.

He provides tips on how to work your way up to his current position and lots of interesting tips on how to manage a summer stock theater.

Hackmatack, named for the trees on the property, sits on nearly 200 beautiful acres and has been in the Guptill family since the 1600’s!  It has been been a working farm since then.  It is still a working farm today, where they raise 100% all natural, grass fed bison (or buffalo).

We hope you enjoy this podcast!

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