Episode 15: Founder of College Scoops: Moira McCullough

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Are you in the process of visiting colleges?  Planning a college tour?  If so, you won’t want to miss this episode with Moira McCullough, the Founder of College Scoops, a company that makes college trips “easy, fun & tasty!” 

College Scoops provides an overview on more than 120 colleges across the USA with recommendations/input from over 500 student and parent “ambassadors.”  The “ambassadors” provide the inside scoop on where to stay, where to grab a cup of coffee, where to find good sweets, where to have breakfast, lunch & dinner, and where to go on excursions or outings that you can enjoy while visiting a college campus.  College Scoops also provides helpful blogs on topics such as “Smart Social Media Strategies for Applicants,” and offers guides that you can purchase on each college that they cover.

In this podcast we cover the colleges Moira attended, Fairfield University and The Executive MBA Program – Columbia University Business School, her experience of living in Europe for seven years, and her work experience at Nynex prior to opening College Scoops and what it is like to run your own business.  

Whether you’re planning a college tour or not, we think you will love this interview with Moira.  Her passion for food & travel comes through!  


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