Episode 20: Career Switch Coach | Wharton EMBA Career Director | Author | TEDx Speaker | SiriusXM Radio Host: Dawn Graham, PhD, LP 

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Are you changing careers? Looking for a new job?  If so, you won’t want to miss our conversation with Dr. Dawn Graham, host of the popular call-in talk radio show, Career Talk on Sirius XM Radio, and author of the book: Switchers: How Smart Professionals Change Careers — and Seize Success.  In this episode, Dr. Dawn talks about switching careers, the job-search, job interviews, networking, etc.

Dr. Dawn is a Licensed Psychologist, a Career Switch Coach, a TEDx Speaker | Your Next Job is One Conversation Away, LinkedIn Instructor, a former corporate recruiter, a contributor to Forbes.com – The Leadership Channel and the Career Director for the Executive MBA Program at The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania.  

Dr. Dawn is a fun, smart and entertaining guest!  We really think you’ll enjoy this interview!

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