Episode 24: Architects: Annelise Aldrich and Mark Keller

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Are you interested in building an affordable, beautiful, modern, green, net-zero home that will last forever? If so, then Architects TYP are for you!  Are you interested in becoming an architect? If so, then this podcast is for you! 

In this episode, we interview registered Architects, Annelise Aldrich and Mark Keller, both owners of the architectural firm TYP: Architects TYP TYP stands for “Tend Your Planet.”

Mark and Annie will tell you everything that you need to know about the process of becoming an architect.  We discuss their educational experiences, boards, etc.  We also ask them about their architectural design philosophy, their architectural firm, TYP, and the patent that they have pending that may change the way we build homes! 

Mark and Annie were such great guests.  Even if you have no interests in architecture, you will enjoy this conversation!   

Keywords: UVA, University of Virginia, University of Michigan, California College of the Arts