Episode 27: Interested in a Career in Freelance Writing? Or a Career as a College Coach? Want to learn about Women’s Running? With Alison Wade

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In this episode, we interview Alison Wade, Publisher of the Fast Women newsletter (Subscribe to Fast Women).  Alison’s Newsletter provides extensive coverage of competitive women’s running.  In this podcast, we discuss:

  • The experiences Alison had in her past that makes her perfectly suited to produce such an incredible newsletter
  • What it takes to become a publisher of a weekly newsletter
  • Features of her newsletter which includes links to videos/articles/podcasts/results that she summarizes – it’s an amazing newsletter for anyone interested in following competitive women’s running
  • Turning passions into careers and balancing a career with family life
  • What it’s like to be a College Track & Cross-Country Coach, advantages and drawbacks and a typical day on the job
  • Her College experiences at Bowdoin (undergraduate) and Northeastern (graduate).
  • Her work as an editor/writer/photographer at NYRR and Runner’s World
  • Alison’s personal running career
  • Shalane Flanagan and the Boston Marathon
  • Ajee Wilson, Brenda Martinez, Jenny Simpson, Colleen Quigley, Rachel Schneider and Lauren Fleshman
  • American women to watch at the Track & Field World Championship coming up in Doha, Qatar (September 27th – October 6th)
  • A podcast which she loves