Episode 30: Do You Want to Become a General Surgeon? Thinking About a Career in Medicine? Learn all about it from Robert J. Doiron, M.D.

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Today we interview a general surgeon, Dr. Robert Jay Doiron.  If you are considering applying to medical school, thinking about a career in medicine or becoming a general surgeon, then this episode is for you!

Rob graciously shares his entire journey from high school, to college, to working at Boston Children’s Hospital, to taking the MCATs, to applying to medical school, to interviewing for medical school, to his five-year general surgical residency, to his two years of research, to a year-long fellowship and finally, after 18 years of hard work, signing a contract for a job as a general surgeon. 

Find out what very telling question Rob got asked many times over his years as a med student.

Rob was a wonderful guest!  He’s funny and full of great tips and advice.  We so enjoyed our conversation with Rob and we hope you will too!

Keywords: Stonehill College, UC Davis Medical Center, Doctor, MD