Episode 32: Are You Wondering, “What Does a CPA Do”? Find Out With Certified Public Accountant, Ayn Hanselmann

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Thinking about becoming an Accountant/Certified Public Accountant?  Interested in owning an Accounting Firm?  Learn Before You Leap with Ayn Hanselman!

In today’s conversation, Ayn tells you everything that you need to know about how to become an accountant, what a typical day is like on the job, the advantages and drawbacks of the profession and what sort of education and training is best.  We even discuss the CPA exam and continuing education.

Ayn, as a partner/owner of Troiano & Hanselmann, also talks about what it is like to own and operate your own accounting firm.   

We loved our conversation with Ayn, and we think you will too!  This is an extremely informative conversation for anyone considering accounting as a career.

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