Episode 35: Everything You Need to Know about Competitive Running at the Professional, NCAA or High School Level with Elite Pro Runner, Rachel Schneider

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If you’ve ever been interested in competitive running, please join us for this LIVE podcast recording with elite, mid-distance runner, Rachel Schneider, a professional runner sponsored by Under Armour.  

In this live interview, we ask Rachel about her journey to becoming a professional runner from her initial experiences as a runner, to getting recruited at the NCAA Division 1 level, (Georgetown University) to ultimately being sponsored by Under Armour and competing recently in the 5k at the IAFF World Athletics Championship meet in Doha.  

Rachel ran the 5th fastest mile time EVER for an American woman in 2019 (4:20.91).  So fast!

She was thoughtful, poised, funny and informative…she gave an amazing interview!