Episode 37: Learn the Amazing Benefits of a Liberal Arts Education with Charlie Bergman

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We are excited to introduce to you this week’s guest, Charlie Bergman!

Charlie joined the podcast to share the benefits of a liberal arts education.  He is the Director of Personal and Professional Development at St. John’s College, which is a private liberal arts college with two campuses in Annapolis, MD and Santa Fe, NM and is the third oldest college in the country.  

If you are considering a liberal arts education, or maybe you are wondering what it means to have a liberal arts education, then this is the podcast for you.  There is so much to gain from this interview (not to mention that we think you’ll really enjoy listening to Charlie).  

Charlie explains St. John’s distinctive curriculum which follows a reading list that includes many of the Great Books. It was amazing to learn how a liberal arts education will benefit you not only throughout your career, but also throughout your life.

We hope you’ll enjoy this conversation as much as we did!  Charlie has a great radio voice and is passionate about the benefits of a liberal arts education.