Episode 43: Learn How to Become a U.S. Navy Helicopter Pilot with Sarah Alexandre

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Are you interested in going to the U.S. Naval Academy or becoming a U.S. Navy Helicopter Pilot? Or maybe you know someone who is considering this path? If so, you will not want to miss this episode with Helicopter Pilot and Quality Assurance Officer, Sarah Alexandre.

She generously shares her journey from high school to what the admissions process is like to get into the Naval Academy, what her time was like at the Naval Academy and now what it is like to work as a U.S. Navy Pilot.  Sarah even tells us about her most challenging mission and what a typical day is like for her.  

We could not be prouder of Sarah.  She was absolutely a delightful and informative guest.  We know you will enjoy this conversation with Sarah as much as we did.

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