Episode 45: How to Help Your Teens Plan for Their Future with Emma Perez

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Do you want to learn how teens can make thoughtful decisions about their future? Join us for today’s podcast where we interview Emma Perez, founder of Life Quest

Emma is a mentor and coach to teens and young adults. With Life Quest she guides students through self-discovery, career exploration, and vision creation. As the author of What’s the Point of School:  Ed Transformation, a Matter of Life and Death, Emma is pushing the education transformation movement forward.  

We had a great conversation with Emma where she walked us through her six-step process of helping teens to find career direction as well as learning decision-making skills that they can use throughout their lives.

We also talk about alternatives to college and Emma’s time at Ole Miss and the University of Central Florida and we asked her what kind of students may find these schools to be a good fit for them. 

Emma was a wonderful guest with some great insight on how to best help teens plan for their future. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did!

Keywords: Teen and Young Adult Coach, University of Mississippi, UCF