Episode 48: Monday Mashup | MCDA Presentation

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In today’s “Monday Mashup,” Meg and Bobbie discuss their recent experience of presenting a 75 minute workshop to the Maine Career Development Association on Podcasting and YouTube as a Career Development and Job Seeking Tool. 

 Bobbie & Meg really enjoyed the experience and of course it wasn’t without its mishaps which we discuss in this podcast.  The presentation was a part of the MCDA’s bi-Annual State Conference.  Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the MCDA had to shift the conference to a Zoom format (which is actually working out really well).

FYI, for anyone working in the career advising field,  there are more presentations coming up if anyone wants to join the MCDA and check them out!  It is only $20/year to join and all are welcome. 

Bobbie & Meg want to thank the MCDA.  They were so honored and excited to be a part of this program.  They especially want to thank Nicole Lazure and Peter Osborne who were both a huge source of support throughout the process.