Episode 53: Learn What it Takes to Have a Career in Business, Sales and Marketing with Jeff McAndrew, M.B.A.

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Interested in a career in business? Thinking about earning an M.B.A.? Considering a career in Sales & Marketing?  If so, then this podcast episode is for you! 

We interview Jeff McAndrew who shares his career journey, from his start at Penn State, to his work in Sales at Tyco Integrated Security (now Johnson Controls ), to earning his MBA at Northeastern University to working for a start-up called PIKA Energy to now working as the Director of Sales at Generac Power Systems.   

If you are thinking about a career in business, you will gain a lot of insight from our conversation with Jeff.  He provides loads of tips from networking to how to develop a career in business and what it took Jeff to get where he is today. 

Jeff shares the advantages and drawbacks and what a typical day is like.  He also shares how his education helped him to land the position he is in today. 

Jeff is smart, personable, and incredibly knowledgeable about the field of business.   We could have chatted with him all day!  We hope you enjoy our conversation with him as much as we did.