Episode 55: Learn How to Become a Speech & Language Pathologist with Cathy Francoeur and Sue Caron, ASHA Certified

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If you are considering a major in Communication Sciences and Disorders, or if you are thinking about becoming a Speech and Language Pathologist, then this is the podcast for you!

We found the perfect combo to interview for this profession, as we have a mother/daughter team with a combined 43 years of experience in a wide variety of work settings.  Sue Caron, the Mom, and Cathy Francoeur, the daughter, share with our listeners what it takes to become a speech and language pathologist.  

Cathy, as the more recent grad shares the educational and training process from undergrad, to earning a master’s degree in communication sciences disorders, to preparing for the ASHA Boards, to getting your first job, to becoming a “Clinical Fellow” and finally to earning your “C’s” as in Certificate of Clinical Confidence. Cathy currently loves her work in the K-8 educational setting. 

Sue, as an expert in the field, has seen it all and has a wealth of experience and knowledge.  She has worked in a variety of settings from private practice, to school settings from pre-school through college, and to outpatient, clinical and hospital settings. She has great things to say about them all.

We discuss the pros and cons of being a speech pathologist, what a typical day is like (spoiler alert, there is no “typical” day) and what sort of cases they see.  

Cathy and Sue are a fun duo and are both so passionate about helping others and about their field.  We hope you love this podcast as much as we did!