Episode 65: Medical School Admissions: Everything You Need to Know with Shirag Shemmassian, PhD, Founder of Shemmassian Academic Consulting

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Join us for an in-depth discussion that covers everything that you need to know about the medical school admissions process with Dr. Shirag Shemmassian, an expert in the field.  We get all your questions answered:

√ What are your chances for Medical School Admission?

√ What is a good GPA for Medical School Admissions and how is it broken down?

√ What is a good MCAT score?

√ How to get into medical school from high school?

√ Should you consider a D.O. program?

√ Should you consider attending a Caribbean medical school?

√ What are your best options for admissions if you do not have the best stats?

√ What are the “four pillars” of medical school admissions?

√ What to expect with the medical school interview process

√ Should you take a gap year (or more) between college and medical school?

√ How to write the personal statement

√ What is the most underrated aspect of the medical school admissions process?

√ How many schools should you apply to?

Shirag was an amazing guest, providing our listeners with a ton of great information. We were thrilled to have him on the podcast!