Episode 68: Peter Economy: Successful Author, Ghost Writer & “The Leadership Guy” at Inc. Magazine

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Join us for an in-depth interview with author, Peter Economy, to discuss his latest book, “Wait, I’m Working with Who?”  We discuss what it is like to work with a “jerk at work!”

Peter is the bestselling author of many books including “Managing for Dummies” and is also “The Leadership Guy” at Inc. Magazine where he has published over 1500 columns to date. 

Peter is also a successful ghost writer for over 100 books including Abby Lee Miller’s “Everything I Learned About Life I Learned in Dance Class.” 

Peter routinely works with C-Level executives, executive coaches, and business consultants worldwide.

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√ Has a jerk for a boss

√ Has a toxic work environment

√ Has a co-worker that is a “credit thief”

√ Needs a ghost writer

√ Wants to learn about the 16 work personalities

√ Wants to learn about “Home-Based Work for Dummies”

√ Wants to learn strategies to deal with “jerks at work”

√ Wants to learn why you should hire slow and fire fast

√ Wants to get some tips on how to get started as a writer

Peter is kind, genuine and a fantastic guest!

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