About Meg and Bobbie

We may be out in the cold, but definitely not freezing!

Meg and Bobbie…daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, career women…and now podcasters!

We are not going to bore you with our professional backgrounds…if you want to check that out, head over to our LinkedIn pages (Meg, Bobbie).  Here, we hope to give you a little insight into who we are, not what we do.  After all, our careers are a big part of our lives, but do not define us or tell the whole story.

Born and raised (for our early years) in Plymouth, NH and then in North Berwick, ME…Meg and Bobbie are true New Englanders (and yes, Boston Fans!).  From a big Irish family of 7 (Meg number 5, Bobbie number 7), all girls but for one guy stuck right in the middle at position number 4 (many a man has shown pity on his fate).  All of those girls and one bathroom (okay, we had a half bath, but only one shower!)….don’t ask, it wasn’t pretty!   And even with all those “damn kids” (channeling our dad here), we were lucky to have two amazing parents and siblings we actually want to spend time with.  Blah, blah, right?  But had to mention it because it is fundamental to who we are and explains why we can work so closely together.

Being from a big family with little to no privacy (think the one bathroom), not a lot of extra cash floating around and just one car for many years, we have learned a bit of resilience, how to go with the flow and the art of getting a word in edge-wise.  Although, our podcast guests are typically so passionate about their careers, it is sometimes hard to get a word in and we are happy to let them go.  After all, listening to their stories is why you tuned-in!

Anyway, we’ve been to college, we’ve travelled all over (still many places on the list), lived in other parts of the country, but we are both back in Maine where we raised our families and created our lives.

Meg is married to Scott, a podiatrist (very handy to have one in the family as there are a lot of feet to tend to!) and they have two grown daughters, Briana and Mikaela.  Briana is married to Jeff and they have two adorable children, Kai and Lyla.

Bobbie is married to Richard, a Brit and Mr. Tech (also very handy to have one in the family).  They have 4 adult children, two in the UK – Alex and Lucy and two in the States – Christian and Matthew.  Lucy is married to Ben and they have two adorable sons, Wyatt and Hunter.

So, now that you have the lay of the land you need to know we are definite family gals, value our friendships (‘cuz we all need our girl-friends!), enjoy our beer and wine, on board for adventures and big fans of the outdoors.  We are drawn to the mountains and beaches (a cliche but yet, the honest truth so there you go), dabble in a variety of sports/activities (but masters of none) and are pretty much up for anything as long as we do not have to freeze while doing it (yes, we are from Maine, but not big fans of being cold!).

We are having so much fun doing this podcast!  We feel lucky to hear everyone’s college/career stories and feel just as lucky to have our audience listen! We appreciate all of you and thank you for helping us help others!